How to Keep Your Durango Travertine Floor Looking Great March 20, 2015 22:16

How to Keep Your Stone Floor Looking Great

Durango Travertine floors are fast becoming an incredibly popular choice in households throughout the world. And given its many benefits, this is hardly surprising. Unlike conventional flooring, Durango Travertine is remarkably durable, meaning it is relatively easy to maintain (more on this later). Secondly, given its exquisite, luxurious appearance and natural character, Durango Travertine wall will also add value to your property, should you decide to sell at any point. 

Finally, it gives a warm and cosy feel to your home and can easily be adapted to allow for installation of underfloor heating systems; something that ultimately saves you money and is good to the environment. In short, it's a fantastic option for just about any home. In this article, we outline some of the most popular varieties of Durango Travertine flooring, and how to ensure that yours retains its lustre and pleasing appearance through regular cleaning and maintenance. 

Different Types of Stone Flooring

There are a number of different commonly used varieties of stone, and each have their relative benefits. Perhaps the most popular choice of material is granite. Why is it so popular? Simple. With a hardness and density that is second only to diamond, granite is incredibly durable, and resists scratching and staining better than any other natural stone. Perhaps more elegant in appearance is marble. This was used all throughout the ancient world because it was soft enough to be shaped with more basic tools, but hard enough to stand the test of time. Slightly less durable than granite, marble's chief appeal is its classy aesthetic. 

For people seeking a more subtle look though, limestone is top of the list. Originally formed from organic materials such as coral and shells, limestone has a very unique yet natural appearance which is perhaps best suited to homes which host a lighter colour palette throughout. Another popular choice is slate, by far the most versatile of all the varieties. Slate gives a rustic look to any room and, being that it's weather resistant, works really well for exterior as well as interior flooring. The final commonly used variety is Durango Travertine, which comes from the limestone family. Unlike limestone though, travertine has many small cavities throughout, which can either be filled in with resin or left as they are, in order to give a more rustic, textured appearance. Naturally all of these varieties have their strengths and weaknesses, and your selection should really be based on practicality as well as your own personal aesthetic preferences. 

Effective Care for Your Durango Travertine Floor

If you've invested in a timeless stone floor, the chances are you want to look after it. Fortunately, stone isn't too difficult to maintain. A dust mop and pan or a good vacuum cleaner with a hard floor setting is absolutely essential. If you really want to make your floor sparkle day-in, day-out, there are also specific power tool accessories you can buy for intensive stone floor cleaning. You'll also need a good quality floor detergent which has been designed for use on stone floors. Whether you opt for natural or tile stone, both must be mopped using a dry, soft mop (or vacuum, provided it has the hard floor setting that doesn't use a rotating brush). You may want to place some mats beside each entryway, in order to discourage dirt or dust from building up. Likewise, it's also a good idea to make your home a “shoe-free” environment after installing stone floors. Most importantly, do not use abrasive cleaners (for example, liquid soft scrub types), as they can dull or even scratch the surface of the floor. Similarly, any cleaners which contain acids should not be used, as they too can damage your floor. In short, as long as you stick to basic, quality products designed specifically for stone floors, you won't have any issues at all. 

Years of Use from Your Durango Travertine

With a beautiful appearance and a durability like no other common flooring surface, it's no wonder that stone floors have become so widely used. And provided you stick to the advice given here and take good care of yours, you can expect many years of further use from it.