Travertine Finishes March 03, 2015 22:31

Travertine is generally offered in one of four final finishes; polished, honed, brushed and tumbled. Polished travertine is very shiny and reflects a lot of light, but also very smooth and slippery. For this reason it is not usually a good choice for a family with children. It also is not a good choice in bathrooms because it is extremely slippery when wet. Honed travertine is also very smooth, but has a matte finish and is therefore not quite as slippery. It is the most popular finish for travertine floors. Brushed travertine floors combine the benefits of honed travertine and tumbled, in that brushed travertine tiles have a matte finish, but are slightly textured.

Tumbled travertine has slightly more texture than brushed travertine, but reflects little light. The corners of tumbled travertine tiles can be somewhat rounded, providing a unique look. Tumbled travertine is the easiest of the four travertine finishes to walk on. In terms of vibrancy, polished travertine offers the brightest coloration, while the most muted colors will be seen in the tumbled travertine.

Travertine floor tiles must be installed directly on a completely flat subfloor that is totally free of grit and bumps. Because travertine tiles each have a very unique pattern of colors it is highly recommended that the tiles be initially laid out for the purpose of deciding which tiles look best next to each other. Without this step, odd-looking patterns can inadvertently be created. Once the overall pattern has been selected, it is a good idea to number the tiles on the back side, so that the end result is consistent with the desired pattern. To lay the tiles, a thinset adhesive specifically made for travertine tile is spread over the subfloor. Use spacers to leave a uniform distance between tiles. The final step is to grout between the tiles. Source:

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